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Rhizomes are a bitch...

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  • Rhizomes are a bitch...

    I'm currently renovating my vegetable garden. It used to be lawn, two years ago (St. Augustine). I've had to resort to a method I learned in junior high school horticulture class. I'm currently putting all of the soil through a 3/8" wire screen. Removing all rocks, and rhizomes. I tried using roundup. It only kills what's above ground, a month later it comes back. It wont kill rhizomes. I've got 240 cubic feet of soil that I'm sifting by hand (12'x20'x1'deep). It's a lot of work, but it's the only way I know to get rid of them. The biggest benefit I see is that I now have the loosest, fluffiest soil you could imagine. After it's amended, it will take moisture and roots a lot better than the hardpack I used to have. Water would only penetrate three inches. I wish there was a machine that did soil prep. A tiller would just multiply the problem (make more rhizomes). When I was in junior high school we used Dowpon. You can't get that kind of stuff anymore (too toxic). Anyone else have some thoughts on soil prep?

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    What the hell...

    66 views, and NOBODY has anything to contribute?


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      I wish there was a machine that did soil prep.
      Do you mean like a soil sifter?

      Something like this?
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        lol ive never seen that b4 where u egt that pic. does it come like that or is it a modified concrete mixer?
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          So, it does exist...

          I wonder if my local equipment yard has one for rent? I'll have to look into that. Have you ever used one? How does it manage to break up dirt clods as hard as stone? Does it have some way to vary how fine it sifts? Thanks, most of the ones I've found are only available in England.
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