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  • All Done!

    Rain tomorrow, worked hard all day getting Thursday/Friday lawns done.

    Got started on scheduled garden jobs today, worked till 8PM.

    Went to McDonalds & had a laugh. 3 trucks including mine were all in line at the drive through. All lawn maintenance trucks.

    I told the lady who served me, "Tell the guy behind me, Breeze lawn service says hi"


    As I grabbed my burger & zoomed off.

    Anyway, the day did have its negative points.

    What does one do, when they deposit $2,000.00 into their bank & the machine SHUTS DOWN.

    Well, I turned to the guy at the counter, 15 feet away & said, "WHERE'S MY MONEY! THE MACHINE JUST SHUT OFF!"

    I had no room for patience, as it took me FOREVER to find parking. Cars were all over the place. I was nice enough to allow a man to pass through 2 cars, parked a good width apart from each other before I went through... What does he do? Parks right in my way, in a handicap zone - illegally.

    I shouted at him good.

    So anyway, back to being in the bank.

    The guy at the counter comes over & has me wait 10 minutes as some moron smacks around the machine a little bit.

    Then he says, "You have to wait in line & talk to a teller"

    I say, "listen, I've got 2 guys in the truck - if I have to stay here any longer, I'll be owing them the money your machine robbed me of."

    Anyway, I waited in line for TWENTY FOUR MINUTES & FIFTEEN SECONDS.

    I must have sounded & looked like the most impatient person while waiting in line. Hands on the waste, tapping the feet, groaning & sighing... hahaha.

    Teller: How can I help you?

    Scott: Your damn machine took my money & shut itself off! Where is my money?

    She asks for my cards, looks through her computer...

    Teller: "It should be in your account, I see that the transaction was made & it went through"

    Scott: Good, thank you. You should get someone to fix that machine, I saw someone go through the same thing I did last week! (seriously).

    Teller: Hahaha, yes. Have a good day sir.

    Anyway, I got my crap together & went to the truck - went back to work.

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    All in all, it's better to make sure it got deposited than wait until the end of the month to realize it didn't and then what?
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