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I bought some stuff today...

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  • I bought some stuff today...

    So I got myself another lawn mower, not a commercial grade one - but a second back up mower.

    No idea what it is really, just grabbed it for $500.00 & told the guy to put it in my trailer.

    THEN I saw the crummy zero turn mower I was interested in. They had a special & well.... I decided to pick that up too.

    It's quite fun trying to put this machine in a trailer without any liquids in it. Just a good ol' fashioned push job out the doors & up the trailer.

    Anyway, it's that Toro Time Cutter thing or whatever. Today was tiring, I just gave them my credit card & took what looked nice.

    3 year warranty, big deal.. pshh...

    THOUGH they took about $500.00 off the price. Which made it alright for me to buy even knowing it's going to fall apart this season.

    I'm so tired, it's sitting in the trailer now, didn't bother to put it away.

    I left my two workers at a job site to go to this store. They called me an hour early to say they finished. Boooo! So I called Mommmmy to go & pick them up, hahahahahaha!!!!

    I suppose family can be alright!

    Well, I'll just have to be extra careful with this zero turn, make it worth it.

    I'll be out of money in no time. :P

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    you were right in the saving money just cant do it can you hahaa
    although it is a great feeling to get a new toy ahah
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      Any pictures of your new equipment?
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        Any pictures of your new equipment?
        I just put a tarp over the ZTM as it's raining now - typical... OH and SNOW tonight

        I should be able to take some pics when the weather dies down.

        The only problem now is deciding if the ZTM or the Self propelled mowers go in the trailer first/or second.

        I know I'll use the ZTM for most front yards, but it's just going to be a ... fun... hassle.. LOL

        ANYWAY, all my mowers are red! Good start. lol

        I'm going to take a picture of everything tomorrow, if it doesn't rain.

        I have a few lawns to cut on Sunday (new customers) so if It's nice out all my stuff should be loaded on my trailer.

        Also, the parking break on the ZTM is pretty awesome. Other than that, I just used bags full of grass to support it from moving around.

        It came with an instructional DVD for most of the Toro equipment, it's pretty cool & majorly corny. I wish I could show you guys but I have no idea how.

        It shows you all you need to know about several types of mowers/ snow blowers, etc'

        BRB I'll see if I can take a pic of the mower without undoing the tarp, lol..


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          I'll probably never use the walk behind, lol.


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            They look good. I look forwards to your review once you get them out for a spin
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