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  • Need a Beer!

    Monday went by smooth, the typical lawn maintenance work - In & Out!

    Tuesday was the same, all my jobs were looking 100%

    WEDNESDAY, the big one, the freak of all days to expect.

    I have so many clients in this one area, I decided to get em' all done.

    Let me just tell you, EVERY Wednesday client needed their lawn to be triple cut.

    I'm as serious as I can get.

    Grass up to my damn knees, everything was soaked as well.

    Every few lawns I promised myself to take a brake, but I can't keep promises to myself.

    As I drive to the next client I'm just so eager to get the job done.

    Grass was soaking, but the sun was sure out today!

    Too busy to eat or even feel hungry. Today was one of those days where there was a good chance of puking your guts out.

    I was so out of it nearing the end of the day. I was taking a peek at one of my customers backyards & her dog ambushed me. I ended up sitting down with it for a good 10 minutes petting it, that was my break.

    Anyway, so for the first cuts of the season. Wednesdays lawns will merge into Thursday. I hope this doesn't happen every week.

    Apparently there is a new advantage I have over my competition. That advantage is letting them know I do all lawn jobs solely.

    They are all very impressed & curious as to how the hell I do it!

    I have been told my quality & efficiency is completely better than companies with large crews.

    I just tell my clients, "Personally, I am a perfectionist & too nervous to trust someone who isn't me on your property. The last thing I want is a bad reputation. So it is just me who manages all the companies lawns, I'd love to have help with them - but until I can clone myself we'll just have to wait & see!"

    When you own a company, everything always gets done the best it can. If you are just hired help, you don't really give a damn & always try to cut corners.

    No idea what to do or if I will ever be able to take on someone for lawns. I have a problem where I always have to be available with everyone who helps me to make sure they are doing their best. It's very stressful & time consuming.

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    thats why you get your woman in your life to help you. my fiance jessica does 95% of the mowing and she even strips some of the lawns and does a better job then me. I trim and edge everywhere and by the time i am cleaning up, she is loading the mower into the truck and waiting for me to finish with the blower so we can move onto the next property. talk about quality time. you get to see her while you work and it may make the relationship better. plus you dont have to pay her since she sees the money in the end. you also dont need to pay for a gym membership since you both are getting paid to work out. lol.


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      I have a few friends in the states outside this forum in this business, a week ago one of the guys contacted me as he had changed his blades to the Mega Mow, they are designed for wet grass. He emailed me images of grass he cut, in the rain, around 14" high, I was honestly shocked at the results, just a fine powder came out of the deck.

      We are having issues with mother nature, most of these bigger clients we have taken on, do not want crews on the weekends which is fine however I hate mowing wet grass but we have come to the point where we may not have a choice.

      I ordered a set of these blades for one of the tractors to try them out, not cheap at $269.00 but if they do what everyone tells me it's a great investment.

      As for Beer, I decided to quit at 8 and do general maintenance, sharpen chains, replace chipper blades, grease everything that was home for the night, pressure wash etc. Neighbour came over with beer to give me a hand, omg after 2 I was ready for bed........which is what happened
      Halifax, Nova Scotia


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        omg after 2 I was ready for bed........which is what happened
        After a day of work, 1 beer can have the same effect as 10' lol.

        Too funny!


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