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    So my season started yesterday.

    Rain all morning, I went out. Apparently we're going to have rain all week.

    So I decided to do my biggest lawns without tampering with my schedule too much.

    Next thing you know... SUNSHINE!!!

    The rain didn't really bother me so much as it did the grass.

    It was still a difficult day. All my lawns need to be bagged for now, as the grass is way too long to mulch. Add in the rain & it's a long day.

    Well, I got up at 7AM today, it's raining... I know I'm going to head out after I post this. If I get my Tuesdays done, hopefully I can finish a few Wednesday lawns, my biggest route.

    Just wondering how everyone's start is going? (Justin?)

    I did one lawn yesterday where I had no where to park.

    You had the city there, roofers there, aeration company, irrigation company, & driveway pavers.....

    I had to park rather far, lol.

    ANYWAY, Tuesday time.. Hope you are all having a blast!


    The company who was doing Aeration on my customers street.

    Scott: Hey, my client called your company & I was wondering if you knew when you'd be showing up to dump the soil?

    Guy: Who did he call?

    Scott: He called my aunt, she owns the company you work for.

    Guy: Wait... Wait... Your aunt is XXXXX?

    Scott: Yes, that's the one.

    Guy: THAT'S MY MOTHER!!!!
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    It's a small small world!
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