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  • chain store accounts

    How do i go about getting information on chain store such as Walgreens, Burger king on a city or reginal level

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    check out their websites,or go in and talk to the manager .


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      yea check with the manager of the store. On some the store owns the land and on some they rent the land from the developer (especially in a shopping center). So the manager would know if the landscaping is his job to hire out locally, or if the regional manager does a master contract for all the stores in thier region, or if the developer provides the maintenance as a part of the lease.

      The manager should be able to give you the developer or property managers contact info. if the landscape is provided by the developer/ management co and the manager does not give you the info -look fora vacant space in the center, it will have their number or the number of a realtor/broker who could steer you in the right direction.

      hope that helps


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