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  • Spring Work Is Near Completed

    Referrals are blooming, I've done nothing & I have gotten 3 referrals today for lawn maintenance, landed all of them.

    One lady has cancer, her husband just died, she has heart attacks often... I had to have her walk the property with me... I was extremely nervous as I thought she was about to die on the spot.

    I also needed her to go back into her house & unlock the back gate from the other side. Too short to reach over the damn thing.

    I got her, lost a client though...

    I lost the same client who said she'd be leaving me to hire another service... Once a switching customer, ALWAYS a switching customer.

    Scott: Breeze Lawn Service, Scott speaking.

    Cust: I'm going to cut my grass today.

    Scott: Alright?

    Cust: When do you begin this season?

    Scott: The first week of May.

    Cust: Well my grass is long now, so I need it cut. I'm going to cut it.

    Scott: Alright, that's good.

    *4 hours later*

    Scott: Breeze Lawn Service, Scott speaking.

    Cust: I just cut my lawn & didn't mind it, & I wont be needing you this season. I need someone to depend on.

    Scott: Fantastic! Good for you! I have to let you go, as I have a TON OF OTHER CLIENTS who have pre-paid for work they need done NOW so their lawns are ready for me to maintain for MAY. Take care! Bye!

    Hung up....

    It's funny... she nagged me before saying she wanted to switch. I gave her a promotion offer, she stayed. I even put down seed/fert for free just because I was in the area & looking to do a good deed for the day.

    Next thing ya know, the bitch is complaining again.

    When she calls, *she will call* I will NOT take her back. I'm tired of her crap.

    I hope she enjoys mowing her own lawn.

    She says she didn't mind doing it, though wait till the heat comes... She'll regret burning this bridge.

    I bet she didn't even cut it either... I think I'll go have a peek tomorrow.

    I don't want anything to do with this customer, biggest headaches for nothing.

    "Can you do this, do that, do this & that for me?" Can I put this work to be done on my schedule so I stay fair to all my clients who requested work before you? No? Too bad, take a hike!

    I can't wait for her to call again, If she does, I'm charging her +25%/month... I'll call it insurance if she bites.

    Her neighbor is hiring me most likely.
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    Did you have a feeling when you first got her as a customer that she was going to be a problem?
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      Did you have a feeling when you first got her as a customer that she was going to be a problem?
      Yes, but if I mention what it was.... her certain religion... I might get in trouble.

      Every client of this religion, have been my WORST customers. They will say anything to get someone to give a freebie here & there, & if you don't give in - expect them to fire you.

      I stay out of certain neighborhoods now, I know what to expect if I don't.


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