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Blowing Up! (UPDATE)

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  • Blowing Up! (UPDATE)

    It's a nightmare within a dream this season!

    I'm getting calls left & right & the more work I do, the more work gets ordered!

    I just CAN'T finish these damn cleanups! So much to do, so little time!

    I need someone to manage other aspects of my business.

    I got someone filing & on the phone, someone & myself on lawns, someone on gardens.

    I love it, but I've been getting 10 calls per day & my heads starting to spin.

    I'm already completely booked for lawn maintenance, I grind my teeth saying, "I'll give you an estimate".

    Spring cleanups are a nightmare! It really comes down to time & weather.

    I got 10 cleanups to do tomorrow, if I don't finish em', I'm unorganized again!

    I got 36 cedars to plant Saturday.

    I've got 7 soil/fert/seed jobs to do from Saturday till Sunday.

    My skin is completely brown, & I have had no time to "chill out" !

    Well, I'm happy with my trailer, & that dethatcher I bought isn't half bad! You need a lot of patience though, A LOT just to get through the day.

    My new shirts are a mess, I don't mind it's great! My magnets have brought in business & I've been getting compliments from all over!

    The new trailer is an eye catcher for sure, it works wonders!

    My back hurts so bad it doesn't bother me anymore, if that makes sense?

    #1 thing I hate: Customers who think they are always my first priority & I should be there for them 24/7, customers who don't understand I have OTHER work to finish & will only give them a bid when I'm near done my current work.

    I got this one guy who had me do a cleanup & minor garden work, I tell him I've got other clients to satisfy..

    He says, "You are here now & I want my trees pruned & bushes planted!"

    What don't they understand? I've got 4 customers like this already, I should charge a $100.00 fee just to put them above their priority level. Clowns .. lol

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    customers often dont want you to leave because they are too tired of always being told "I'll be there in the morning" ,and then the worker doesnt even show that day,week,or even ever .


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      supply and demand

      Congrats! I wish I was getting a little more work.

      The basic rule of supply and demand:

      Your demand is high and supply low which means it's time to raise your prices! Your time/services are now at a premium. so my suggestion is raise your prices until you get just the right amount of work you would like. Then you will be making more money and doing less work!

      good luck!


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        That is all great news! What do you think you would attribute all of this new growth too? What are you doing different this year than last year?

        Do you see any things you should have done last year but just didn't think to do?
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          Well this year I don't need papers to read off of. Everything a client asks, I can give them an answer on the spot.

          I have prices for materials all in my head & can judge 100% on what they need for their property.

          It's rather simple to quote the odd jobs now. Basically I charge for materials, my gas, & equipment, everything else. Then I judge the job on how long it should take me, give them my exact price.

          If someone wants their lawn top soiled, fertilized & seeded, the price is usually around $388.00. All I need to carry is a calculator, the rest is in my head.

          As for everything, if you've got a property yourself... USE IT to judge other properties.

          You also have to be good at judging people, the more people you talk to, the better you get.

          The more times you do something, the easier it becomes.

          My attitude has changed completely. I think it's because I'm not desperate at this point, I'm able to maintain a neutral attitude with my potential customers.

          Maybe that's key, maybe you have to go into business with the mind set that you are already doing as good as it can be.

          Another thing I do, is I pass by clients regularly, just to wave or stop & say hello, catch up on news.

          I want to build a foundation with all of my clients, I want them to know me as personable, not just out there to make a profit off of them.

          When I meet them, I start off talking about what interests them before I even speak of the job(s) I can/will do for them.

          Be their friend, then sell your service.

          My lawn has helped me quote all of my clients. You will know your pace, you will be able to take the effort from doing your lawn, straight to your customers with minor tweaks.


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            That is all great news! What do you think you would attribute all of this new growth too? What are you doing different this year than last year?

            Do you see any things you should have done last year but just didn't think to do?
            I'd like to know the answer to these too.


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