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  • Real Estate Agents?

    Whats your experience with Real Estate Agents? I just recently got a job with one and charged a little more then usual. What do you do when you get them to hire you. (the job I got no one lives there. I just called and asked if they would like me to cut it they said yea sure so now i do it. also got a mulching and leaf removal job from them.)

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    Did they sign a contract?
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      No, I don't do contracts, and they pay me every 2 weeks by check. So far the checks have NOT bounced.


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        HA HA HA!

        Real estate agents, forget em'

        Waste of time down here.

        Every real estate agent I have been hired by, have been my WORST clients.

        If they suck at their job, don't expect a dime.

        They are more desperate then "we" are when it comes to work.

        They don't have any special power to boost your advertising/clientele, they can go an entire lifetime without having a client of their own while working a side job to pay the bills.

        Plus, they wont usually advertise you to their clients. They'd just call you to maintain property before "open house" & it's always out of their pocket, don't expect much.

        Hope this helps.


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          I was sort of thinking the same thing as Breeze but if they're paying you and continue to, go for it. I trust real estate agents almost as little as lawyers. When they know the laws and loopholes they will use them.
          Boughter's Lawn Care Services Mowing and Fertilizing in New Castle, PA


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            I have had a few calls from real estate agents, I stay clear. I want to deal with the home owner or the property manager, having worked in banking for 14 years I don't have a lot of trust or respect for them.
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              I don't have a lot of trust or respect for them.
              Damn right!

              That's all I can say. These people are nothing but unorganized & willing to give you REAL or even steady work.


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                Well the real estate agent works for the compony that built all the houses for our community, and has supplied me with 4 houses. All are paying really well, and most have no one living there. Three of them want me to put new mulch in/get rid of the leaves.


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                  In my opinion, agents are normal people...sometimes you get a P.I.T.A and sometimes you get a good egg. I would say as long as this guy is treating you right and paying on time with good checks, keep moving forward. The thing with real estate agents is they have quite a large network of people they talk with. If you do a perfect job every time, he will refer your company to others, and before long, you'll have more business and more $$$. I am a firm believer in word of mouth advertising. It has done wonders for my business, and in fact it makes up about 60% of my new customers. The other 40% is the advertising on my vehicle. Flyers don't work for me and radio and tv ads are way too expensive. Do quality work and you'll survive my friend.
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