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  • WOW What A Week!

    Man this week has really kicked my butt!

    I picked up another 5 accounts
    bought another mower
    hired 2 part time helpers
    bid a $135 lawn service today and got it for the rest of the season
    got a $3,000 raccoon job tonight
    went and picked up a free 1977 21' Prowler camper
    got a freebie brand new gas weedeater from one of my regular customers
    got a freebie brand new gas leaf blower/vac from my neighbor
    got a $300 tree job
    bladed a guys back yard where the gas company installed new line and tore it up
    did a $150 brush hog job for the church
    did $250 worth of tree work for the church
    remodeled the front yard landscape for my parents and planted a Weeping Cherry tree and a Magnolia Tree
    tilled the garden
    got a rototill job and possibly another one for next week
    got another fertilizer job for this weekend ($35)
    scheduled a dirt work job for a neighbor of one of my usual customers
    I went to Home Depot and bought a Toro 42" zero turn for the 26 apartments I picked up last week. They're too small for my Exmark 60", but too small to push mow and still keep a good schedule. I was leery of buying a Toro, just because this one's not a commercial grade mower, but it came with a 3 year warranty and I bought another 3 year warranty so I figure I should be in pretty good shape. The apartment jobs are easy and relatively smooth and flat, and that's all the Toro will be used for, so it should last for a while. I told the sales guy at Home Depot that he'd probably see it before the summer's up. Usually they knock off most of the warranty when you tell them it's used for commercial use, but the guy knew me and listed it as residential..heck of a nice guy. I got a chance to steal it from my guys today and give it a shot, and actually, it does a really nice job. It's not a true "hydro" drive, but the belts seem to do a good job for now. Like I said, we'll see just how long it can take being used everyday. The freebie weedeater and the blower/vac are Homelite...nothing special, but free non the less. They have both only been used maybe twice and the people are older and don't have use for them anymore as they have someone who takes care of all that now..hehe. The camper I kinda fell into by accident. It was listed on Craigslist and I figured it was some kind of scam. I called the gal and she is selling the land on which it sits, and has sat since she bought the land. She just wants it gone. So I go look at it and actually it's in pretty darn good shape. The only thing wrong is it needs a new ceiling and some holes patched in the roof to keep it from leaking. Other than that, it just needs a good cleaning up. I'll attach the pics.
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    Thats a lot of fun! Those trailers can be a blast. They tend to leak along the roof seems. I'd get some latex paint and seal it all up and you should be good as new!

    Your truck letting looks outstanding as well!
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