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  • Good Day

    So I was overbooked, but now jobs are getting done.

    I'm still taking on more jobs as I type this, got one week left basically for spring work.

    It's gonna rain tomorrow so ERRR.

    Either way, I built the most beautiful gardens last night & today.

    busy busy busy. I have had quite a lot of fun laying down 1000 bags of mulch & topsoil.

    Now my garden weeder is already nagging about pay day.

    "the cedar you trimmed is all in my garden & it's pricking my fingers!"

    Scott: It's your job. We have 20 different types of garden gloves, go choose another.

    "it's not my job, I'm clearing weeds & now this is in my way"

    Scott: It's your damn job, clean it out & stop complaining. (as I throw mulch in my garden weeders face)

    Next thing you know, I have a bag of mulch being dumped on my head. Hahahaha!

    Once your messy, it's never a problem to get even more messy. I love this work!

    I got myself a hardcore dirt tan, beautiful.

    Hope everyone is having a great day!

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    This is only the beginning of the season. It's going to get a lot better still!
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      I just finished dealing with customers who want me to visit on a specific day of the week, but too bad for them!

      They will have to settle for what I offer, or they can pay $10.00 extra for my gas.

      So that's through with, but I'm not done! I'm picking up a new trailer this week. I'm excited, apparently it's a double axle, that's all I needed to hear in order to say OK OK OK... Seasons coming closer!!!


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