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  • Hired for no work!

    Have you ever been called to give an estimate for a job, that didn't need to be done?

    I got a call for hedges, went to have a look, & nothing was... well.. nothing could be done!

    It's as if this hedge was already shaped perfectly by mother nature.

    I asked what the lady would like done, she said, "I don't know... just do it"

    I told her I'd come back later this week & quote her when I'm done with other jobs.

    ... Weird...

    I remember the same thing happened for a spring cleanup last year.

    Lawn was beautiful, no debris, nothing...

    These things make me wonder, & are often the main reason several people are afraid to charge "high".

    You go to a job, & you wonder if what you are going to do is actually worth what you want to charge!

    Though that is business in a nutshell.

    It's like being hired to shave a dog, but it's a bald cat... Bad analogy..

    Where do you draw the line from charging your price - to being greedy? What is the difference?

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    go back,tell her that her hedge is in need of only a few minutes work [there has to be a few branches you can play with a little ] then tell her you will touch up her hedge and have to cut her grass to make it worth your while for xxxx$$$$ .Do an amazing job on the lawn,and she will be yours for the summer .


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      This is a really good question. I would find out for sure if she just wanted everything trimmed back a little bit. Then go to town

      It seems like a lot of times these issues pop up. A customer wants this, but you don't think they need it. So what do you do? Do you perform the service or tell them it doesn't need it?

      How do you go about telling a customer who wants a service that they don't need it? What's to say they simply won't go and hire someone else to do it?
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