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  • Bad Day

    7:00Am, rented dethatcher.

    7:40Am returned dethatcher for hedge trimmer

    Why? They gave me a dethatcher which hasn't been maintained & would not work.

    So I said, alright so they probably wont give me my money back... What else can I do today? HEDGES!

    I'll return it for a hedge trimmer...

    Got one $85.00 hedge job done. Crummy.

    Went to go bid work for my other customers, ended up having a beer with one of them talking about how they enjoy my company very much. No one needed trimming, sucks.

    I decide that my spring cleanup will just be manual, I need to get these jobs outta the way.

    I spend an hour at a job, everything is pristine. Customer comes out & says, "I didn't hire you to do any work", when he did so last week. So I said, alright, see ya!

    Don't bother paying, it's easier for me now that he is gone & wont be around to cause me any stress.

    I didn't care at that point, I had too many cleanups to get done to argue... And this was a kid hiring me for his parents, whatever, it's on me prick.

    I stopped at a customer with a major grub problem. I dethatched his front lawn with my manual dethatcher. Took me 45 minutes. I made sure I got rid of all his lawn, it was ALL dead.

    I could have just used a blower & watched it form a pile.

    I went to Rona & checked out prices for fert/seed/soil.. This guys on a budget.

    I call him up & tell him his options, to call me back when he gets home.

    On my way home, I meet a friendly competitor. I park behind him as he's giving an estimate.

    When he's done, I approach him with one of my clients who needs dethatching, & I am overbooked.

    He says, "I'm overbooked" , we laugh.

    I go pick up some groceries, on my way back I see him at his home, a block away from me, go figure.

    I stop & we chit chat & take a peak at each others gear. Pretty similar set up.

    We exchange cards, & agree to have a beer sometime.

    I get a call from my previous customer & he says to purchase fert/seed/soil.

    I go home, & start to have an early dinner.

    My assistant rings my bell... I throw my dinner out & load the truck up & head to Reno.

    Make my purchases, head to my client.

    This guy is SO easy going. I layed down the soil, spreaded it. My garden weeder fert/seeded as I edged his lawn.

    Overall, it's a masterpiece. $13.00 tip... lmfao

    His neighbor approached me & asked for a card as well, AMAZING!

    Went to go give a hedge trimming estimate, it was too damn dark out, left a card.

    Now I am here.

    I feel like so much time was wasted today, but whatever.

    Spring cleanups aren't getting done as I'd like them to, considerably behind.

    OH! I have a garden to do tomorrow, hedges, edging, .. too many spring cleanups, & other crap... hurray *exhausted*

    I also spoke to just about EVERY customer of mine today in person. They all wanted to give me a thousandth tour around their property... You know how the old ladies are, they love the company - I do to!

    Anyway, that was my little "rant" for the day. I'm sure I'm missing something... hmmm...

    OH, almost got hit by another truck. Idiot went through a stop sign, I had to floor it, one split second short I would have my door caved in. I blame RENO, just because their staff sucks.

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    wow that sounds annoying although you did get alot done in the end..

    ive spent ALL day at school thinking of more ways to get far im making only 150 a month..its a good start i suppose but it just wont cut it..i want to expand soon and i cant with this amount of money rolling in..although i suppose after i get my trailer ill be able to advertise farther out.. right now its throw in the back of a blazer and go..
    Just Kut Lawn and Landscape
    "Where Service is Always in Season"
    Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud.


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      oh not to mention..this company..digitlandscaping..was tearing down all my door hangers and putting up theres
      why i oughta..
      i saw the guy at his house when i walked by
      looked like a complete D0uc43 haha
      he saw my shirt
      gave me a look..
      i saw his equipment in his yard..he clearly has no idea how to take care of it..ill laugh when it all breaks down and he goes out of business or broke having to buy new ones..he had 2 guys with him and he was watching them do his yard..his mower was smoking alottt and the guy weed wacking was just swinging it around..running it against the side of the house..

      so i saw a bunch of his hangers up and i was gonna take some down..but..i decieded i wouldnt stoop down to his level and just go with what i got..
      i need to put more out anyways ahah
      Just Kut Lawn and Landscape
      "Where Service is Always in Season"
      Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud.


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        When you reflect on such a day, how do you feel you could make it better in the future?
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          I believe actually owning equipment vs renting it - is safer.

          You'd think it's less expensive to rent than to own. Though the trouble you could bump into is rather irritating. You don't want to rely on someone else's tool to get you through the day. You have more freedom when owning a tool, & you can use it whenever, rather then using it for a day & returning it the next.

          When you book all your customers into one day, the day you rent. You really gotta cross your fingers & hope the equipment can do the work. If not, you just disappointed several customers.

          I guess another lesson now would be, "Don't book too many of your projects in one day, even if they require the same tools, etc"


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            I always start thing up befor I load them on my trailer?

            I went to speelmans to day and got my fert for tomorrow 10 houses lined up did some cutting got to run my toro proline for the first time had to shutt it down after running it for 5 min and then the battery did have enough to turn it over I dont have a pull back up so I boosted it that was fun after I was done the yard got some lunch I love eating.

            Did an estimat in the morning good out come.

            im rambling.

            Good day


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              Just check out my post, you won't complain of a bad day anymore lol



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