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High school football team marketing

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  • High school football team marketing

    A jewelry store marketing idea.

    At the end of each season of your local high school football on the last game, you could potentially create a ring for the MVP of the year.

    Each school district may be different on when they choose their mvp but you could create a page on your website to allow for voting. Maybe you could take in nominations for the mvp and then set up a way to vote.

    This could be promoted through your local newspaper as well.

    Maybe you could have a short highlight video of the different plays that the football team members were nominated for.

    Before the start of the final home game in front of all your potential customers you could present the ring. Have all the nominees walk up as you announce their names and why they were nominated.

    Let the audience cheer for each player and then announce the winner.

    Get photos taken of the ring ceremony for the local paper. In the ad, show the player and a close up of the ring and congratulate that player from your friends at Your Jewelry Store.
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    We also have a state champinion football team here in Abilene. I am fixing to design a ring for the locals here to show there support.


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      I know a guy that donates $6 for every touchdown and when they score he gets a short ad from the announcers.

      All I can say is root for the home team.


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