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  • Homecoming marketing idea

    I was thinking of another marketing idea a Jewelry store could use to promote their product through a high school homecoming event.

    You could potentially offer a homecoming king and queen ring ceremony where you would create a custom ring for them and sometime before the big football game when they announce the king and queen, you could come up on stage and give them each a ring.

    You could also take pictures of the ring and put that in the homecoming ad book that most schools put out. In fact, it is possible, you could get the ad space for free because you are giving them this great item.

    Take video of the event and put this on different video hosting sites so the friends and family members could see it as well as have it link back to your site to show the images of the rings.

    You could also show the process of making the ring if it was custom made.

    Maybe an ad in the local newspaper could be placed with the king and queen as well as a closeup of the rings.

    The ad could say "Congratulations to The Homecoming King & Queen"
    below that it could say "From your friends at Such and Such Jewelers"
    It could also say visit our website for a behind the scenes video on how the ring was made.
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