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    Steve was on this before me... looks like a money maker to me too..

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      That is awesome!

      I'm just thinking of the downsides.

      It'd be nice if you had an area of your own to dig out to convert into topsoil for customers.

      How much use could it actually be on a customers property?

      What about replacement parts, how durable is the machine? etc...


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        Good questions Scott.
        Price another and just like any other service the costs start snow balling like a loader, a delivery tuck or dump trailer, top dresser and a garden tractor to pull it.
        It would be fun if you could market it. Perhaps lease some ground from someone for the purpose of environmental friendy yard waste, make a compost site for those grass clippings. Could be a challenge for an exclusive start up business What kind of top soils do you have in Canada?


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          I think Rob, the manufacturer of that product, had been on here in the past.

          Maybe you could contact him and get a deal.

          What made you think of this product? Were you looking for some kind of screener?
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