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If you were a billionaire for 5 hours..

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  • If you were a billionaire for 5 hours..

    I found this article on Yahoo and thought I would share it...

    If you were a billionaire for 5 hours...

    So, what would you do if you were in his shoes?

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    I'd be spending that in 5 minutes lol


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      So we'd have to basically buy something that would be able to pay itself off within 5 hours.

      That's like a credit card, except you have 5 hours to pay it off, lmao!

      What an amazing question....

      5 hours... not much can be done really... I can't think of anything!

      Maybe buy a theme park & lower the admission fees, broadcast the grand opening 24/7.

      Even that wouldn't work...

      Real answer:

      If I saw I had that much money in the bank... I would have a skyscraper with an underground parking garage just for my 100000 pieces of equipment.

      I'd hire people just so I can call them to my office through an intercom, then fire them... but then tell them to get back to pretending to be busy.

      I would probably have a bunch of pet elephants guarding the building as well. Ninjas will be hired to take on the night shifts, protecting my assets.
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        My dilemma would be solved lol


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          My dilemma would be solved lol
          LMFAO!!!! Nice one!


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            I saw an article similar to this and the guy who saw a whole bunch of money in his account, took a bunch out and spent it.

            He was later convicted of some crime. I forgot what it was but it seems like you can get into big trouble spending money when you know it isn't yours, even if it is in your account.

            Very fascinating!
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