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    I Am Just Wondering If These Prices I Am Charging Are Fair? I Am Open For ANY Opinion. If You Can Please Email Me The PRices You Charge Or Think Are Fair, Please And Thank You.

    Lawn mowing $ 50.00 - $100.00
    Lawn testing $5.00 For The Kit
    De- thatching $ 200.00 - $400.00
    Aerating $ 200.00 - $500.00
    Gutter cleaning $ 130.00 - $200.00
    Weed whacking $100.00 - $200.00
    Drains $500.00 - $700.00
    Low voltage lighting $300.00
    Patios/Walkways $800.00 - $1,000.00
    Fire pits $ 700.00 - $1,000.00
    Fence Repairs $500.00
    Storm Clean Ups $200.00 - $500.00
    Exterior Home Inspections FREE
    Pest Control $ 100.00
    Weed Control $ 70.00
    Seasonal Clean Ups $250.00 - $500.00
    Mulching $250.00 - $400.00
    Weed Killer $ 100.00
    Edging $ 150.00
    Installing Pavers $1.00/ea
    Pavement Sweeping $150.00
    Planting Shrubs & Trees $20/ea
    Pruning $20/ea
    Raking $ 100.00 - $300.00
    Sanding & Salting $150.00 - $300.00
    Seeding $170.00
    Dump Fee $70.00

    + Gasoline
    + Taxes (x 1.0625)
    + materials

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    You need alot more info. How many sqft to start.


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      It is very difficult to compare prices like that because you are not charging for an item. Instead you are charging for a measure of time to do different jobs. The time is based on the size of the area you are servicing.

      Then each price will differ from others based on geography. In some areas it's more expensive for a service while in others, it is cheaper. This all depends on the level of competition for the service.
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        I'm with Steve. Your geographic location has a major impact on your pricing. I can tell you this, if I charged those prices here in northeast Missouri, I'd be out of a job before summer even got here. Nobody would pay that around here. Now if you live in a large city, you'd probably be charging less that your competitors. My best advice to you is to get with a family member and bid their yard work like you would a normal customer, like the things you listed above. Then call up a couple of your competitors and have them come a give a bid for the same things and see how you compare to them. If you're within the same ballpark as them, your probably bidding correctly, according to your area. Just one thing...don't park your vehicle in the driveway when you call your competition for a bid. That might not fly over well.

        Cedar Lawn Care Services, LLC
        Kirksville, MO


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          My Location

          I Am From Northern Massachusetts Around The " Rich People" Towns. Because All My Buddies Say I Am Bidding To Low, But I Understand The Economy Is Bad So I Do Go A Little Low But Not Enough Where My Business Don't Make Money. And A Lot Of Yards In My Area Are Like 1 + Acres.


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            Ah, if the lawns are an acre+, your on to something. That is the key that you didn't mention. If you are professional in your personal appearance and you keep your equipment clean and neat, your chances of getting and retaining higher income customers will be good. Do you have any of these type accounts yet? If so, post us a pic of something you are currently taking care of that is close to the average size of what you are asking about and we may be able to help you out better.

            Cedar Lawn Care Services, LLC
            Kirksville, MO


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              You Know The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Forgetting My Camera But I Do Have A BIG Job Coming Up Where I Will Be Spreading Gravel, And Building Granite Stairs And Making New Mulch Beds And Adding A PAver Walkway And A Drain. I Will Bring The Camera If I Am Accepted For A Job And Prob Have Them On My Site. This Guy Bought His House For Like $700,000.


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