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Hydro-Drive Walk Behind Mowers

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  • Hydro-Drive Walk Behind Mowers

    Looking to buy a commercial Hydro-Drive walk behind mower. Can yall help me with some ideas of what yall like and some reviews?

    Iím looking for something around 36" to 48" deck and I want it to have a floating deck and Hydro-drive.

    Does anybody prefer riding or walking and why?

    I have an Exmark Phazer and I do all small yards. I bought it because I can get it in all gates and I thought riding was better than walking. The problem Iím coming across is, my mower with me riding on it is too heavy. It makes small ruts in the yard and I want my cuts to look a lot better.

    Please Help!!!

    Thank you to all my fellow Landscapers!!!

    Marietta, GA