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  • Damn Weather

    So the past few weeks have been beautiful. I was actually able to get a good ol' farmers tan.

    Wearing a sweater or coat would make a person look ridiculous.

    Anyway, so yesterday it decided to snow... It was able to accumulate on the ground, though it's gone today.

    Apparently we're getting freezing rain tomorrow, also.

    So basically, I got a taste of summer... Then I got a knife in the back, LOL.

    An entire day wasted, I couldn't give estimates under the snow, hahaha!

    Anyway, I'm really excited about this year.

    I have spring cleanups to do, lawns to maintain, gutters to clean, gardens to weed, fall cleanups to do... I'm almost booked up baby!

    I wouldn't mind a few more days of crappy weather, just to take some more calls & do a few trips across town with some flyers.

    ... Someone stole my grass can.. lol... $40.00 right there...

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    I hear you *** the same is happening here for the next few days but keep in mind bud it's March, I have never seen weather like we have had, even yesterday we were working in T shirts in the afternoon and I have quite a tan already, my son has been in Florida for spring training and we beat there temps for three straight days, that is unherd of being so far north of them.

    Personally I need the next two days off as the pace has been over the top with spring fever and people wanting quotes, now I have to get landscaping contracts in place and honestly it will take me to days to get everything written up, emailed then placed into the schedule.
    Halifax, Nova Scotia


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