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    Do you ever find if people are more interested in certain topics than others? For instance, seeing your equipment, understanding why such equipment is being used, hearing about the general lawn problems going on in their area? Or maybe something else?

    Or does this all depend on the make up of the group?

    I could picture some people being absolutely thrilled to sit on one of your tractors while others could probably not be interested in the least in any equipment discussions at all.
    Yes and no, some in the group really don't care they just want things done right and to look impressive, then you have the other end of the stick where someone seems to ask all the questions. The main thing they want to hear is what can you do, how long will it take and what is the cost. They do like it when we bring equipment, let them sit on it, sometimes I will let them drive something, we have a lot of gear no other company has due to the cost and I explain the features, advantages and benefits of what we run.

    What I find is people know the John Deere name and when you show up with a pile of equipment that all looks new their thought and response is you must be doing well to be able to afford all this, the answer is yes and no, we are doing well for a new company but I personally financed the majority of it, I would never be where I am today if I didn't have the $180,000 I put into it from my own pocket, we would have got here but it would have taken two more years, I simply fast tracked.
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      I think all this is a great example of how important sales are. Especially for the owner!
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