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Scheduling? Best way to do it?

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  • Scheduling? Best way to do it?

    I don't have the money to shuck out to steve for the gopher software, but I need a method of scheduling that is efficient as possible.

    I have a Blackberry Storm and the calendar on it isn't the best as far as recurring appointments. I set it to recur every 2 weeks during the growing season, but when it was time to change it to every 3 weeks for the off season it goofed on me. It set it to every 3 weeks from the initial start date which in turn threw off my calendar record of when I had done all my yards as well as messed up going forward from the date that I wanted to change my cut intervals.

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    I use iCal on my MAC it is a calendar you could use a google or yahoo calendar the same way.

    also optimize your route for free with this link

    Have fun


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      I usually go to office max and get one of those desk size calendars for 5 bucks and write all the appointments down for the season in the boxes on there. A lot of people down me for not keeping everything on a computer, but I am the one laughing in the end when their computer crashes and then OOPS! There went all my income and expenses for the year. Hell I even write in ledgers still. To hell with technology, I refuse to make to make all these cell phone and palm pilot guys richer. That works for me tho, you do whatever works for youl.


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        Ill second on adams point of view
        i do the same
        I write it all down on one of those jumbo calenders under my keyboard.
        I create a file on my external and internal hard drive so in case one crashes i can use the other for my quickbooks account.

        In the beginning though when i didnt have quickbooks i simply made a folder..and ill try showing how i did it like this..

        > is a new folder
        .. is whats inside that folder
        __________________________________________________ _______
        >(your Name) Lawn Care
        >Customer Care and Concerns
        >Customer Questions
        >customer Requests
        >Service Agreements
        >Customer info and dues
        (ill just tell you the main folders from can add on more or delete some and add subfolders however fits you..)
        Employee Logging and Applications,Flyers & Advertisement,Letters,Ideas,Scheduled Dates,Work orders and recipts

        I back everything up on the external and internal as i said before as well as by hand in a notebook and on the calender

        hope this helps..
        sorry i go into so much detail on all my posts..i cant help it..
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