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Street View Using Google Maps

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  • Street View Using Google Maps

    Have you guys seen this??? OMG I live in a remote type area outside the city, you can see my driveway, workshops, House, Lawn in perfect quality, I was blown away. Although it looks to be about a year old, the image that is, we could use this to look at a customers peoperty from home.
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

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    I wonder if in the future, it will all be real-time.

    Stalkers will then be able to relax in the comfort of their own home!

    I have actually used this to double check addresses of my customers, usually if I'm writing a big list of addresses & I see something wrong, I can just zoom up to their house with Google Earth & check.

    A lot of these "pictures" seem to have been taken many years ago, which has benefited me.

    I learned that many of my customers houses were for sale previously, which probably makes them the new home owners (something I would have never known)

    I also saw that some of my customers had lawn damage, & that the landscaping I see now when I visit them, wasn't previously there when I check Google Earth. Which could mean they are willing to spend $$$$.

    I was lucky enough to see who they had hired last time to do their lawn maintenance work, the company's workers were in the picture raking.

    It's pretty sneaky but I love it.

    I was actually able to find my mother driving down a couple of streets.



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      Keep an eye out for a vehicle that looks like this.

      or this one getting ticketed.

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