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Crazy Mowing Issues

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  • Crazy Mowing Issues

    Ok, i was replying to a post just a minute ago and and made a comment about falling asleep while mowing on a ztr.

    So, that leads me to put it out there to all you people, whats the worst, craziest, or oh damn i can't believe that just happened..... while mowing experience.

    So lets see what stories you have. Maybe we can bring some fun and laughing to these cold winter days.
    Welcome Advise, Incourage comments, and never stop Cutting. Geoff<img src="">

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    I was mowing an apartment complex right at the bed line. Some one had left about 4in a stunp sticking out that was covered by the tips of a viburnum. I hit that thing wide open and went over the handle bars. That one hurt.

    Another guy was just learning how to use a walkbehind. He did the famous one hand slip annd it got loose. Instead of just letting go so it would shut off he ended up jacking the rear of a new VW up off the ground.


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      Nothing, I am a professional.

      HAHA, kidding!

      Normally when I mow, all I'm able to do is think. Basically subconsciously I am mowing, & I'm able to think of the usual random thoughts.

      This one time I just thought too hard, & ended up mowing my customers house, & her neighbors lol.

      I just kept going, & never realized it until I got the whippersnipper out.

      I wonder what I was thinking about? hmmm.

      Another thing is gates... Sometimes you can open them, but sometimes they are insanely hard to get closed.

      Some you have to kinda lift & snug it back into the locking mechanism because it's so worn out. Well. I broke one gate by trying to save myself some time, I just slammed it really hard behind me hoping it would solve all my problems...

      Nope... I was there 20+ minutes with a screwdriver & hammer fixing it.

      ANOTHER time, another gate.... I'm used to grabbing the top of gates with my hand as I head for the front yard after I'm done with the blower. This one gate didn't have room for my hand once I went to close it, there was a top part of the gate that sliced my hand, a very squishy situation. I have 2 scars from that!

      I fart more during the warmer seasons, only because I can get away with it... The mower engine blocks out the sound, & the fresh cut grass sweetens the scent

      Though getting used to it is hard NOT to do, I was out at the video rental store farting in the isles without realizing what is acceptable, hahaha!


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        Hell yeah those are great. Breeze you nailed it right on the head, let it rip

        while mowing, only time when it is a problem is when wind is coming from

        your back and blowing faster than you are moving,( damn, that one stunk )

        I thought there would be more responses to this. Ok, heres my thought, if you

        havn't messed up or done something silly, or zoned out on a mower, you

        need more work, or need to work harder,

        I have a another good one, will put it out there when i see a couple more people own up to messin up. HAHA
        Welcome Advise, Incourage comments, and never stop Cutting. Geoff<img src="">


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