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  • What did you get?

    Thought I would start a what did you get for Christmas thread.

    I have been looking at the John Deere floor mat's for months, these things must weigh 30 pounds but I thought they were over priced, son got a deal on them I guess, boy they will be great in 2010.

    Probably my favorite gift was the entire season of Criminal Minds, it's about the only thing I watch on TV, season 4, was surprised after watching the first four episodes that I had not seen one! Also received American Gangster in Blue Ray which my son and I watched last night, man what a movie that was.

    A few Under Armour Cold Gear things, this product is amazing for our climate, if you are looking for something to keep you warm and don't mind spending the extra bucks, I have yet to see a product that will touch theirs.

    Chocolate from Rocky Mountain, it's amazing stuff, a few items for the workshop and a nice set of screwdrivers for the landscaping tool box, I leave my good stuff at home but always have a tool box in the truck, not really necessary for mowing in my experience but when I start running the excavators and loaders, we sometimes need a tool for something, would love to have a tool box that could be mounted to the trailer I use but there isn't room.

    Anyhow that is about it for me, we are big on gift certificates for Christmas, that way you get what you want.

    How did you fare?

    Halifax, Nova Scotia

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    My wife got me 5 pair of pants, 5 shirts, and 3 sweat suits (my lounge around the house attire). I lost 55 pounds this year and nothing fit anymore. I went from size 44 pants to size 36!
    The kids got us a Sony surround sound for out TV and our youngest daughter informed us that she is pregnant again. She already has 2 sets of twins one year apart. We presently have 14 grand kids - 13 girls and one boy.



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      For some reason, Santa decided to get me camo apparel this year. Camo hat, jacket, gloves etc.

      I was thinking oh this is great but then I realized I can't wear any of it on my GopherHaul show because I wouldn't be seen except for my head floating around LOL
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        Well, I got sick.

        Soar throat & runny nose, feeling feverish.

        Besides that, I got socks & money. A third laptop charger (I broke 2 in one month).

        Ahhh I FEEL AWFUL.

        Stupid sickness.


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          Did you ever see Ferris Bueler's Day Off? Could we send you a singing nurse? LOL

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            Here is a singing nurse that is headed to Scott's house right now!


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              Oh you guys!

              haha, all the beer in the world wouldn't even fix that nurse to my benefit.

              But I'm down to try!

              Lmao, yehaw!


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