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Any hunters out there???

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    A couple of answers...

    I don't necessarily prefer one type of hunting over another. They each pose their own challenges and have their own benefits.

    Sika deer are actually a species of Asian Elk. They are smaller than Whitetails and like the nasitest areas around. The prefer and thrive in marshy / swampy areas. The Stags (Males) can be very elusive, especially once they've been around for a while. A serious trophy Sika Stag would be a 6 pointer and on EXTREMELY rare occasions a 7 or 8 pointer. I took a really nice 6 pointer last year during muzzleloader. Body size, a large Stag dresses out at around 80 to 90 pounds. Their rack grows up, instead of out like a whitetails. The meat is excellent and many prefer it over the whitetail. The Stags bugle just like an elk. God I love hearing that sound when I out and about. Overall they are very vocal deer. Even the Hinds (Females) make several different vocalizations and do so quite often. Both predominantly vocalize more so in the early mornings and evenings thru the night.

    When the RUT is on, the vocalizations are even more frequent and dramamtic.

    They were not indigineous to our country but were release in Maryland many moons ago. Since then they have thrived with an ever growing wild population on Maryland Eastern Shore.

    I could go on and on, but I gotta go.

    Talk to ya'll soon.


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      I'd love to see some pictures of some of the hunts!
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