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  • Father is visiting!

    So my father is in town, I haven't seen him for 6 or so years. Before then I never really saw him anyway, but I did move in with him for 4-5 months once!

    Anyway, he's back & left me a message to go to dinner tonight. I said sure!

    My brother on the other hand doesn't want to go!

    I'm so angry with my brother. With every passing day he just becomes more anti-social, & with family that bugs the heck out of me!

    He's been given so much in his life & he's never the one to give back. He's a cheap & selfish prick.

    You have to beat him with a stick to get any sort of help from him. I'm the son who loves to give a helping hand when it comes to family, my brother is the one who sneaks away to hide, living under a rock.

    Over the phone I asked him why he's not going.

    Scott: Dad wants us to meet him at Moe's for dinner tonight.

    Brother: Who?

    Scott: Our father!

    Brother: Ok, and?

    Scott: Are you going?

    Brother: No.

    Scott: Why?

    Brother: I don't want to.

    Scott: Why?

    Brother: I have other plans tonight.

    PLANS MY BEHIND! He's gonna go home & play computer games all damn night, I know him too well!


    I messaged my dad saying my brother isn't going, & if it's just him & I, we should go catch a movie or something.

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    Everyone handles situations differently. They see situations differently.

    What can you do, but just try to be the best you can be. Maybe you can inspire others with your success as you go.

    I hope you have a good dinner tonight and I hope he is impressed with all that you are doing!
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      Well, the night was great!

      We went out to dinner & didn't let me pay!

      He said he wishes the night didn't have to end, so I said, "Let's go catch a movie!"

      He said, only if he can pay for it!

      So we saw that movie there, "Something yada yada Bastards" it wasn't my kinda flick, but still enjoyed the time with Dad.

      We talked a lot, had many pauses because there was so much to talk about it's hard to say anything!

      He started cutting lawns again, along side with his real estate agent career.

      He's also doing some tile work, well, ANY work he can find.

      One of his lawn service clients did the most awesome thing;

      Customer: Do you have any family?
      Dad: I have 2 sons in Montreal.
      Customer: When is the last time you've seen them?
      Dad: 6 years.
      Customer: Why don't you visit them?
      Dad: I can't afford too.


      It's awesome I get to see my dad, but I'm worried for him.

      He's just as successful as I am, & that doesn't help him much.

      I wish I could get him some more work.

      If you live in Nova Scotia, leave me a message!

      Give my dad some work, hire him, whatever it takes!

      He's worked in the mines, security, bouncer, computer company, furniture making, lawn maintenance, commercial cleaning, odd jobs, real estate, painting... etc, anything you can think of!

      It sucks to see that he's aging without a steady income.

      He re-married a couple of years ago, now divorced again. Life is tough!

      Today I had the urge to slip him a couple grand, but I thought it would kill him if I did that.

      So he's doing lawn maintenance. Puts the mower in his tiny car, think he has a trailer (I'm unsure).

      His PUSH mower isn't bought from a dealer, so it's crap for sure. He doesn't trim or use a blower.

      Though the man can surely cut grass!


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        That sounds like a great evening with your father!

        Where in Nova Scotia is he? I am in Halifax and what kind of work is he looking for?
        Halifax, Nova Scotia


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          He's basically a guy who wants to learn everything.

          He enjoys lawn maintenance for sure, but anything that pays the bills is alright with him!

          He's a pretty healthy guy too, must be 50 years old give or take?

          very easy to get along with, probably someone I'd hang out with regardless if he's family or not. Very positive man.

          We've had our differences, but in the end I gotta say he was always right.

          I think he's capable of learning new things & performing tasks that others don't even bother with.

          He's quick with a mower, comes with experience. I could see him learning a lot & enjoying every bit of it.

          He's very hands on, not afraid to get dirty. So whatever you have offered will most likely be alright with him!

          I tried looking him up on google, he was all over it being a Realtor and what not... don't see him there now

          I believe he's in Nova Scotia / Halifax


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            Can you email me his contact information or somehow have him email me? I am looking for three or four additional people at the moment as things have not slowed down yet alondon(at)
            Halifax, Nova Scotia


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