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  • I'm Trash Baby!

    So my stepfather won some tickets to some Chinese restaurant/show.

    He asked if I would like to go the night before. I said sure, could use some Chinese food in my system!

    So my brother decided to give me a lift with his friend, carpooling & what not.

    So when I finished work, I just tossed on a "cleaner" shirt & got in his car & we left.

    I arrive at this restaurant UNDER DRESSED.

    I have my painting pants on & my falling apart shoes covered in dirt LMFAO.

    The best part is... They had a raffle.

    I bought a few tickets because they said they had good prizes, T.V's, Trips, Money... bla..

    I wasn't paying attention to the raffle, because my group was in the back eating, we got a different meal every 20 minutes & I was starving.

    I hear my ticket number, so I had to go up...

    I get out of my seat and shout, "YA BABY!!!"

    I make my way to the stage & the lady gives me a "wtf look" LMAO

    She hands me my prize & I ask, "What is it?"

    Lady: It's a *insert fancy brand name* assorted candy trays.

    Scott: Candy trays?

    Lady: Yes.

    Scott: Ok, I won candy trays.

    I walk off the stage & the lady says I need to take a picture, so I turn really quick towards the camera & trying to figure out WHERE IT IS, and the guy takes a picture of me giving the most puzzled face ever.

    Then the lady says, "WAIT! You have to choose the next raffle ticket from the bin"

    Alrighttt.... Where is the bin with the tickets?

    .... I was up there a good 5 minutes.

    I find the ticket & then I'm trying to figure out what I do, I take one out & have no idea who to give the ticket to, to call out the number. So I shout, "WHAT DO I DO NOW?" & she takes it.

    So I go down the stage with everyone looking at me & my awesome style LMAO.

    If I had known the ticket was worth $300.00, I would have dressed like James Bond. But nope, I dressed like a guy who got off work a couple of hours ago. LMAO

    Overall, It was a fun experience... Got my candy trays... Now I get to give them to my fav customers.

    ... candy trays... PSHHH!

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    Yeah, I won a raffle at my credit union. I won some shampoo and hair detangler. I'm BALD!!!

    PSHHH, indeed!!!
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      No no! The worst thing was, this was a Chinese event.

      There was about 4 white people including myself, & 100's of Chinese people.

      Most of the prizes were, "Gift certificate to learn Chinese at a school downtown"


      LMAO, Chinese people need to learn Chinese?

      What a flaw, unbelievable.

      All the Chinese people who won were just confused, & I would be to.

      So in a way, my candy trays LMAO were better than most prizes. SAD.

      They make pretty good ashtrays!


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        I looked up Chinese treats and found this.

        What exactly is on that tray of yours LOL

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          YUCK!!!! LMAO

          Can you imagine eating that?

          Crunch crunch crunch!

          Mind you, we probably eat 1000 types of bugs out cutting grass anyway.


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