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My Legggg Ouch!!!

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  • My Legggg Ouch!!!

    Holy crap man!

    Today was good, ended at 11am instead of 3pm. Weird.


    I get to my first lawn, start mowing until I realize my mower runs out of gas.

    I looked at how much was in there, but I didn't figure I'd be screwed so soon. I should put a bob in there or something, so I can see better.

    Obviously, I forgot my gas can at home, well I took the wrong one.

    So I pack back up, head home...


    I open the hatch to the back of the truck, & do the usual jump up... I hit my FRIGGEN leg, basically kicking the hatch & splitting my skin open.

    I had to hop over to the bench & sit for a few minutes. I got up & my leg just gave up on me.

    Jesus then came out of my lawn mower bag & healed me, so I went back to work & had a nice smooth painful day. Jesus also apologized for the sick prank, "Oh well I promise you an easy rest of the day for a little bit of sacrifice"

    It's swollen up like crazy now, damn this job lol..

    At least I didn't break anything! If I broke something, I'd kill myself. I'm done with broken bones! LOL!

    Unfortunately I am a non believer, but something makes me think Steve is a god? The lawn god. Watching over us & reading our posts, helping us find the answers. When we die, we go to gopher heaven. Where we all appear as cross dressers dancing in the meadows.

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    When I dress like a woman:

    When I dress for the beach:

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