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  • LMAO customer....

    So I told you all before about this one customer who always asks me if I need a drink, bla bla... She'll go inside & come out with a bunch of snacks, forcing me to take them. LOL.

    This time she gave me a bag of roasted awesome peanuts. Then she said,

    Customer: I can get you a pepsi if you want one.

    Scott: Oh no it's ok, I'm not that thirsty.

    Customer: Are you sure? You can have one for the road?

    Scott: No no, I have drinks in my cooler in the truck.

    Customer: So put it with them!

    Scott: There's no more room, the cooler is full of my beers!

    So she gave me a look as if she wasn't sure if I was kidding or not, but her husband was inside of the house & all we could hear was him dying of laughter through the kitchen window.

    Then she told me she has a customer for me next year, so WOOHAW!

    Refuse a Pepsi = get a customer!

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    Here is a picture as Scott drove away.

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      Here is a picture as Scott drove away.

      Hey Scott, clean up after yourself....then report back on the that is some community you live in
      Halifax, Nova Scotia


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        The Breeze Motto.....

        LOL...this is all you Scott
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        Halifax, Nova Scotia


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          LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, I had myself a good laugh!!!

          Love this forum!!!


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