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    Yeah, we still haul around our kids in the SUV each day. 2 car seats are in the back so I really can't have that "gas" smell going up their little noses. But you're right, putting lawn equipment inside an SUV can be done. Do you leave the rear hatch open or does everything fit inside and you can close the hatch?
    I closed the rear hatch with no problem. I fit a push mower, 2 weed eaters, gas cans, shovel, ho, rake, trashcan, bug and weed killer, weed bucket, 2 tool boxes and a bunch of misc stuff with no problem. I hauled 2 kids around as well. It was a pain loading and unloading almost daily but it can be done. On a side note I never ever had gas, bug or weed killer fumes in the cab.
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