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Can this be SALVAGED : Best Way??

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  • Can this be SALVAGED : Best Way??

    Hi, I am new to the fourm and about 4 months in business. My partner and I found this homeowner who just purchased and inherited this lawn. See the attachments. Lots of weeds. Yard is terrible and has lots of broadleaf weeds, thitle in the front and in the back I belive it is chickweed or something else. As you can seee in the pics there is a lot. I was thinking a selective herbaside for the whole yard then wait 2 weeks, aerate, compost, seed, practice good maintenance. What do you think?? If you could give me your #1 & #2 and why so I can make an educated decicion on this. Thanks guys!

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    Pics I forgot to attach

    Thanks again!
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      Common Weeds

      Thanks again!
      Here is a picture guide of about 90 common lawn weeds with suggestions of curltural control tactics.



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        Ya that lawn needs a makeover.

        Some random reasons this could be happening:

        1: The previous owner was a lazy man, he would cut his grass every 2 months, without bagging it. Over the years the cut grass would smother & kill all of the nice grass until there was no more. After one winter, the grass would grow, but very sparse. The lawn itself, was now dead. The only visible remains are ugly 7 evil weeds.

        2: The lawn was attacked by grubs, & eventually lawn diseases started to spread out killing it day by day. The unstoppable force of the weeds prevailed.


        the guy who posted before me has a lot of great advice with organic fertilizers & aeration product. I forget the site, I have it bookmarked on another computer, though I think it's , if not, just google around!
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          Thanks. I really am trying to get an answer on if using the method I described will work to salvage the lawn? We also plan on putting preemrgence weed n feed on in the early spring next year.


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            Check this out

            Thanks. I really am trying to get an answer on if using the method I described will work to salvage the lawn? We also plan on putting preemrgence weed n feed on in the early spring next year.



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              Selective herbicide? Why not use a non-selective? Kill it all and start from scratch.

              Do you have your applicator's license? I hope you do if you plan to apply chemicals. If you do have your license you already know what precautions to take and all regulations restricting commercial do have your license, right?

              Also do a soil test and a porosity test. Get the soil in good shape before wasting time and money on seed. The best seed in the world won't grow in junk soil.

              While you're at it, suggest an irrigation system to the homeowner. If you're not experienced with irrigation sub it out to an experienced contractor.

              Since you're going to be digging channels for irrigation pipes anyway, go ahead and suggest a water garden with a nice flowing waterfall and a fountain in the middle of the pond. You can plumb it in at the same time you install the irrigation pipe. This will save money...your customer will appreciate that. Don't forget the decorative lighting. Oh, and how about water plants and a few fish? And, of course, a comfortable bench and a stone pathway to the house.

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                Thanks for the response! Yeah we do think big and have to. The customer didn't want to start fresh and thought they could save it so I told them we could attempt to with certian steps and with their full co opperation.

                We applied some weed b gone max mixed with the one for chickweed to combat the weeds. hopfully it works. We then plan to metel rake the weeds and thatch out. Apply some topsoil in thin areas & re seed. Then use some weed and feed.

                Dose that sound ok?

                We were also thinking of throwing some cool grass seed down in september with a thin layer of compost over whole yard. Then in spring come through and feed & use postemergence weed killer on it.

                How dose this plan sound for a good attemt?

                Thanks a lot!


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                  Man, i love Florida, when its gone, its gone, kill everything, and start fresh. I wont even give a customer the time of day if they want to " attempt" to fix it, it will take a min. of 6 to 12 months to "attempt" to get it straight, maybe you and/or your customer has more patience than i do. I hope it works for you, post some pics in a few months to show progress.
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