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    Hello, I am a 16 year old that is trying to start my own lawn
    care business with my friend. I know I am starting late but I just got
    all my equipment, and I didn't want to advertise just yet. I have 2
    lawns right now. I know it's pretty bad. I have had 4 other lawns but
    they were just a one time thing. I was wondering if you could help me
    out or give me any tips on what I can do. That attachment is what our
    flier looks like now. I don't know if maybe you have some ideas on how
    we can change it. But I don't really want to change them now since we
    handed out a bunch of these fliers, I wouldn't want to be confusing
    S n L Lawn Service

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    Welcome to our forum!

    The attachment didnt attach.

    I think you are doing great so far. Everyone who wants to run a business has to get started right? And you are now started.

    Have you printed out any business cards yet? Have you told everyone in your neighborhood that you are now in business? Have you told all your friends to tell their parents and their friends as well?

    Did you set up a myspace site to promote yourself?

    Did you promote yourself on craigslist?
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      I did do all of those things except the myspace part. How is that presented.


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        Well you can use your myspace site to contact all your friends and then send them marketing updates. Specials you might be having etc.

        I think you are doing a great job!
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          Starting Out

          Welcome to the forum.

          The main tip I will give right now is to develop a strong pricing strategy. Know your costs and know what the market will bear. If the market won't bear the amount you need to cover your costs then don't do the job. You can't make money by losing money. DUH...right? You'd be surprised how many people don't know that basic concept.

          Additionally, don't let customers talk you down in price or intimidate you because you're young...they'll do that, trust me. If a job is worth $30 hold firm to that price. If the customer won't pay walk away and find someone who will. Don't sacrifice your rightful profit just to get a job.

          I hope this helps.

          Good luck:

          Start A Lawn Care Business
          Start a profitable lawn care business.


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            Thanks alot man. Yeah I have had one job that was like that but I figured since I'm starting out and I do a really good job then the lady will recommend me to other people.


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              I agree with being strict about your price. Many or almost all people will try to talk you down & have you lower the price. Sometimes you think, "well I need customers, I mind as well lower it & get him/her"

              It's personally your decision, just make sure you at least profit. If your cutting grass anywhere, you are also advertising believe it or not. This is a good thing.

              If your service is $10.00 (example) & the customer says something to get it lowered to $6.00, make sure your expenses can be covered before you agree. Or else this customer will be basically getting free service & you end up losing money.

              I got a call from a potential today & I told him the starting price for lawn service is $420.00, he insisted I give his lawn a free estimate, telling me it's not that big... Guess what happened?

              I charged him $508.00 instead of $420.00, he thought he'd get a less expensive price. His home is on a corner & has more lawn.

              I could however in this situation charge him $420.00, & he'd surely be interested after knowing the real estimate. Will it hurt me? Not really, at my price, he'd be paying me enough to replace a blower, whippersnipper & some fuel. I get something out of it.

              Just don't make deals with "those" customers, everyone knows what I'm talking about... The DIY customers who don't do anything but preach b.s


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                Oh I know, I didn't loose money on it i gained money.


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