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  • Per hour rate question???

    Just a quick question, should I be charging the same hourly rate for cleanup's, plantings, bed maintenance etc... as I do for mowing? I charge $65.00 hr. as a rule for mowing, seems I should charge less for work not requiring use of my equipment??? If this is the case what are some of you charging per hour for cleanup and mulch work ?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am asking because of a very large convenience store chain wants all hourly rates in the bids.

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    As a rule of thumb, I always charge at least $60. Per hour for these jobs-
    -Pruning (trees, shrubs, palms)
    -Putting down mulch (light clean out of beds)
    -Gutter cleaning
    -Landscaping (new plants or shrubs)
    -Small tree removal 7' or smaller
    -Yard clean up

    $30 per hour for these
    -change out in sprinkler head
    -plant 1-4 plants or 2-3 18 pk annuals (no removal of old)
    -pick up and delivery of merchandise to homes 5 mile radius
    -blow off large parking lots not on cutting days
    -small repairs to the house

    I wonder what else others are charging for add on's? I love add onís and the customer enjoys the fact that I can do many other things around the house besides the standard mow, weedwack, edge and blow hardscapes.



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