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    "I am the guy who will do the's my card...if your guys drops the ball, give me the chance..."
    I think that is very creative and it would be memorable! Business card magnets might work well in this situation as well.

    In fact, can you imagine a business card magnet that said that.

    "If your lawn care guy drops the ball, give me a call."

    That could work out to be a great motto!
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      ice breaker

      Great thoughts!

      What kind of ice breaker do you find has worked best for you? How do you get the homeowners attention enough to talk?

      I go house to house in an edition where I know the people take care of yards and either themselves or someone else and have even done this with HOA's. Just find someone on the board and introduce yourself to him/ her. I just go to the doors and introduce myself and tell them the specials, references and just do my best to sell them.


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