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Lawn care personal safety equipment.

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  • Lawn care personal safety equipment.

    Hey guys:

    Personal safety is of upmost importance when you operate a lawn care business. I put together a quick video describing some personal effects that can help keep you safer.

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    Keith great video!

    I love the background. That is fantastic.

    Hearing protection is something a lot of people ignore until it's too late. If you are around very loud machinery for long periods of time, you will develop a ringing in your ears that will never go away. This is called Tinnitus. Read up about it.
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      thats a great video Keath. The background is awsome too. Post some more pictures of your climbing adventures.


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        Work Apearal

        Great video and background love it.

        For us Canadians it is regulated by Workers Compensation Board, to wear the gear that was reccomended, I do belive tho steel toed boots are mandatory up here.

        Also I think if you are cutting trees an arborast grade hard hat is needed.

        Thanks for the info,

        Jason, Red Panda Enterprises


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