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  • New Business Name?

    Hi All,

    I currently run a lawn care business, but would like to market more to the commercial accounts and branch into other services (such as sweeping, plowing, etc.). I'm thinking I need a new name/image to promote such a business. I currently use the name ESM Lawn Care, but am thinking of using a name that doesn't have my initials, and something that says more than lawn care - perhaps grounds maintenance, property maintenance, property services...etc.

    Any advice?


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    Well when you think of initials think about IBM. AT&T. GE. etc.....

    I like your business name. I think it is fine.

    I don't think people care too much about a name as much as they care about can the company get done what they need gettin done at a fair price.

    Are you considering a name change because you are frustrated with your current growth performance?

    What kinds of things have you been doing to market your business?
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      How about 2 Hoes And A Bush Trimmer?

      Actually, in Kansas City there is a company named...2 Hoes and a Rake. 2 females own the business. lol


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