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New Jersey Small Business insurance

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  • New Jersey Small Business insurance

    Does anyone know or have information about the cost of small business insurance for a brand new landscaping company in the state of new jersey?? Im trying to get all my over head costs in line before start up

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    Yeah... where do you live?? I can and would love to help you with anything you need... Im pretty busy these days, but rest assure, I will get back to you. Email me at but keep in touch thru here also... ill need your name and phone #... one of my best buds in an insurance agent, and his service is unparalled... Give me as much info as you can, or think you'll need


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      What kind of information do you need to just give me an idea of the cost?


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        if you email me your name and phone #... im gonna have my boy call you tomorrow...


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          MLuciano, I forwarded this post to James in hopes he could help you. Thanks James.

          James runs his business out of NJ so I figured he would know best.
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