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Mosquitoes for sale, cheap!

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  • Mosquitoes for sale, cheap!

    This guy is selling mosquitoes online as a promotion for his jewelry business.
    Other than research scientists, who would actually buy mosquito bodies?

    What if a LCO did a promotion: "NOXIOUS WEEDS FOR SALE!!!"
    You can explain how you are selling all the invasive weeds that you have removed from your customer's yards giving them beautiful, green, lush lawns.

    I am sure you would not sell many weeds but it would make a great promotion for a lawn care business and would probably generate a decent amount of press.

    He claims he received 10,000 orders in 2 days.

    Start a profitable lawn care business.

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    I don't know what to say but that is the most bizarre form of marketing I have seen yet!

    I can't even imagine how it got so much attention? Maybe because it was so weird?

    Your idea probably would get attention as well LOL

    Is anyone up to putting together a press release and a website to try it HAHHAHA?
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