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  • Welcome to this board.

    Thank you to Team Gopher for asking me to lead this board. *Ask any questions you would like by posting a new topic and one of us will try to come up with guidance to help you solve whatever problem you have.

    While you think of your questions, please consider the following:

    Knowledge is Power.

    If you have knowledge of the Lawn Care business, you will run a smoother, more profitable operation.

    You can learn by trial and error or you can learn with the guidance of professionals with years of experience in this business.

    The authors of the Lawn Care Business Program guidebook, software, estimating & bidding calculators, and training videos have years of professional experience in lawn care. *From small $20 lawns to large-scale, multi-year government contracts, they have covered almost every aspect of the lawn care business.

    You will learn:

    methods of starting your business
    how to properly advertise
    how to give estimates and price quotes
    how to find and bid large contracts
    what to look for in choosing equipment
    how to keep your business rolling 12 months per year
    and much more.

    You will also receive:

    a full suite of customizable residential and business customer letters
    customer management forms
    helpful market and customer analysis tools
    estimating calculator software to help you feel more confident in your bidding
    and a neat lawn care training video showing you what it is like to be in the lawn care business. *It includes equipment handling skills that will speed up your jobs and customer negotiating skills to help you make even more money with your business.

    I am pleased to be associated with this program. *Whether you are just starting or you've been in the business for years, I truly think it will help you become even more successful. *
    Start a profitable lawn care business.

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