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    My name is David and I include junk removal services, when your first starting out It can really help you get more work. People always have a garage that needs cleaned out or trash pile in their back yard or something. My first job was 3 big piles of limbs,logs from cut trees, and small brush. The pile was taller than the house, I was new and only had a small pickup truck and I didn't't want to lose the customer so I had to rent a 14' trailer with 4' sides for $35.00 a day I only charged them $100.00 to be safe b/c they had other offers. It took 5 trips to haul all of it. I found a field about 3 miles from the job that was being cleared out for a development so I dumped it there. there was a big brush pile at the edge of the woods so i just added to it. lol
    But the customers were very happy with my services they gave me a $35 dollar tip. sometimes charging less helps I've had that happen 9 other times where the customer gave me a bigger tip when I charge less, so I guess it averages out.

    Grass Patrol Landscaping Lexington, NC
    \"Grass Patrol Landscaping\"

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    -Echo Straight shaft Brush Trimmer
    -Roybi Straight shaft Trimmer w/Edger attachment
    -Poluan 16'' Wood Shark Chainsaw
    -Toro 150mph BackPack Blower

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    Hi David,

    Does your town have a dump? Do you know how much they would charge you to dump yard waste? I would find those things out and then it will help you develop a price to charge your customers.
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