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  • Pooped Out.

    The more we talk about CraigsList on this forum, the more I believe in its power.

    I was just surfing around some ads and I found this one for a dog waste removal service. They charge $14 per 1/2 acre.

    I had another thought when I saw their ad. Would it be a good idea to develop a flyer that looks like it has been ripped from a newspaper and written as an article?

    Pooped out dog waste removal service.Too pooped to scoop.We all love our dogs but have no time or tired to clean up after them.Leave that for the experts at pooped out.We are located in Ronkonkoma N.Y. and we work from points from Hauppauge to Center Moriches.The charge is 9.00 per dog 1/2 acres or less.14.00 for 2 dogs and 18.00 for 3 DOGS ONCE A WEEK.If you need twice weekly we can also do that.We do 4 week contracts ONE FREE CLEANING WITH INITIAL 4 WEEK PAID
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    Hi Keith,

    Do you mean the flyer would look similar to their newspaper ad, maybe except with a ripped edge look?

    Then maybe have a post it note on it that says, honey don't forget to call them?

    What do you think of their fee? It seems low.
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