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    Jody, My company has been in business for a few weeks and we haven't received as many great responses as you have on Craigslist, which means it has to do with my ad's. Can you send me a copy of yours to follow? Would be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!
    This thread is more than 5 years old. Jody isn't even a member anymore.

    That being said, I was EXTREMELY skeptical when I read the OP's post. 15 calls in one day?? I don't care if your ad says "happy ending with your FREE lawn mowing", I don't see how you would get 15 calls in the first day with a Joe Blow hubby and wife after-work lawn service.

    You're not very likely to reach that level of customer response. 5 years ago, Craigslist wasn't very competitive. And a lot of people that lost their jobs are now trying to do lawn care, so that creates much more competition. Another factor would be homeowners not having as much disposable income, due to the economic crisis, to hire a lawn company.

    In my experience, it doesn't really seem to matter how "good" your ad is. It's all about how you can spam and overpost with as many accounts as you can. I don't do this, because it's wrong and pathetic, but 9/10 ads in my area (Wash D.C.) are from the same person. Most ads are like "Call Jose 555-555-5445 I do gud werk".

    Check this out: every single post from the same person. NOT STAGED AT ALL
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      It's all about how you can spam and overpost with as many accounts as you can.
      Do you think this marketing method works for him or do you feel he just has way too much time on his hands?
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        There is one way I find very affective for marketing is that you offer the house owner a free job. Trust is everything.


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          Hello whats so special about ad that you've gotten that many calls? I've placed ads everywhere and can't get that much traffic. I'm interested in finding out what you are doing differently. Thanks.

          In the last 2 weeks, I have been advertising on I make sure to put my ad in everyday and it's worked like magic =) If you are in need of customers, it's a great free way to reach a lot of people. But make your ad stands out compared to the other lawn care ads.

          Just today (sat april 5th) we have received over 15 calls, it's amazing but it's only me and my hubby doing the work....!!

          So my question is, how do we go about hiring employees? Keep in mind this is our "part-time" business, we both have full time jobs but any time we are not working we are taking care of our lawn care business.

          so we just need a couple of much should we pay them, by the hour or by the job?

          Thanks for any info you may have!


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