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  • Sub out mowing?


    Im trying to find a way to get some yards/work fast.

    I was wondering if any of you guys would ever consider using a "sub" for times when you got behind in your schedule because of rain/downtime/blah blah blah........

    I was gonna pitch it to some smaller LC's around here, just wanted to bounce it of you all first.
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    If you get in good with another company, you can do it. I know a company or 2 in this area that will cover for each other when one goes on a vacation, gets married, that sort of thing. Not sure how they worked out the pay, but it is good to have someone in line just in case.
    Its also good to keep your friends close, and your competition closer.
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      We were actually just recently talking about this. One of the forum members was contacted by a lawn care business and they wanted him to handle the calls they get in from outside their specific area.

      You could consider making some calls to lawn care businesses that aren't located in your immediate area and let them know you would be available to perform subcontract work.

      What do you think of that?

      Here is the post.
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        Yeah, I saw that post.

        I actually did this in the past with a buddy of mine that owned a lawn business. We trusted each other not to try and steal the accounts so it worked out great.

        Being as this is my start up year, I just wanna jump start my production anyway I can, I think Ill get a form letter and start sending it out to smaller companies.
        My hair is turning white, my necks alwayas been red, my collar is still blue


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