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  • Free listing service.

    Hi All:

    Between bites of leftover turkey sandwiches and pumpkin pie yesterday, I cranked out the beginnings of the database.

    The primary thought of this is that you can list your lawn service name and address along with your website. *Googlebot will then spider my site and come across the link to your site. *Google will give you a higher page rank based on inlinks. *This will, in turn, help your SEO.

    If you link my site on your site this will propel us both higher in the rankings.

    I am still testing the database code (and the whole idea of the website). *It is imperfect. *I've learned a lot about running a mySQL db server the last couple days and I know I will need to alter it significantly before calling it done.

    I tweaked one of the Gopher templates for the primary outline. It fits well.

    If you want your website listed, visit:

    Click "Add Your Business" then the "add record" link.

    Let me know if you have programming ideas to make this run smoother. *

    Start a profitable lawn care business.

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    Hi Keith,

    Very nice! Will you be adding a feature in the future to allow for a search based on state or zip code?

    Also, if you want, make a button for it and I will put it into rotation at the top.

    Plus you should put the link in your signature.
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      I added my business, Thanks.


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        I made a mistake on my website I need an n on garden please!
        Nick's Lawn and Garden Solutions


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          Change made.

          I've also added you to my friends list.

          Nick, I like the way you incorporated your name into your logo. Nice effect.

          Also, your background is good but it makes your text difficult to read. Try to place your text into a solid colored box. This will help your customers see your contact information without hurting their eyes.

          Start a profitable lawn care business.


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            Looks like your off to a great start!! I added our contact info
            Tara Gray
            Green Paws Lawn Care


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              I added my Business Thanks Keith.


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                Thanks Keith I have added my company info also.


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                  Thanks Kieth
                  When I try to go to my site and a few other ones it goes to a error page.
                  Green Image Lawn & Landscape

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                    Thanks for the heads up.

                    The problem is when URLs are entered without the http://
                    I will make changes to those URLs this evening.

                    I plan on revamping the output and search this month for a better look...just need to find a free evening to sit down with some scripts Rodman gave me.


                    Start a profitable lawn care business.


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