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    Phone books, local newspapers, radio, and cold calls. No matter what I tried to do, I was not even getting to bid on a job. I realize that people are happy with who they might have, but if not, how can I get them to call?

    Again their are 50 to 70 lawn care people in the area, it's insane!

    What should I charge? What would be a great way to get more customers?



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      Quote[/b] ]Phone books, local newspapers, radio, and cold calls.
      Have you gotten on It's free to post and it seems to work for many lawn care operators.

      Have you asked your current customers if they have anyone local they can refer you to so you could then follow up and contact them.

      I would say build from the current human bonds you have now. Build outwardly from them. Extend out from your current client base and meet their local friends and family even if it means having some kind of gift card you give to them to hand out.

      Are you working on any community projects that can help shine a light on your business?

      Are there certain people in your area that could use a yard clean up that are elderly?

      Could you help them out and then get some pictures and send the story out to the local paper.

      Do you like any of these ideas ?
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