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Drought causes bankruptcy.

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  • Drought causes bankruptcy.

    Drought causes nursery bankruptcy.

    Anyone near Atlanta knows the severe drought Georgia has suffered through this year. In addition to a tremendous lack of rain, water restrictions have kept homeowners from watering their lawns. I bet a lot of smaller lawn care businesses have packed it in and quit. Diversification is the key in a year like this.

    I was thinking though, bad news for weaker lawn care companies is great news for stronger lawn care companies. If a lot of guys packed it in this year, there will be less competition and a surplus of customers next year.

    If you're in one of those drought areas, think seriously about gearing up this winter. I predict 2008 will be a boom year for lawn care in many areas around the country.

    Start a profitable lawn care business.

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    Keith, great story.

    Now wouldn't this be a time to start thinking about xeriscapes?

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