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What about my name??

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  • What about my name??

    How does All-Star Lawn Service sound?? I wanted it to begin with an A to get at the top of the yellow page ads. Also, if I wanted to get into landscaping also, would that be a good name??

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    Hi Chris,

    Welcome to our forum! How about All-Star Property Maintenance?
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      I just got the list of top 100 lawn and landscape companies in the country from a trade magazine. They were listed by how many millions, a few in billions they earned in 2006.

      Not too many started with an "a". If your concerned about ad placement in the yellow pages, you need to do some re-thinking. You can always pay premium for ad placement at the top reguarless of your name.

      Try to come up with something that is aiming towards your target audience and maybe your local culture. Here we have "plantations" and we live on the "coast" or in the "lowcountry".......

      Also the name should reflect your service and image you want to project.

      I mean would you rather choose "A1 Lawn service" or Five Star***** or Pleasant Places or something sounding professional and quality from the get go!

      If your aim is to build quality and charge for that quality, your customers have to be sold from the get go on your image and your quality. The premium prices people are willing to pay all day long are only going to be paid by people who believe they are getting quality service, not just cut rate run of the mill.

      This has been my experience only, but I am sure many others could chime in too! Good luck!
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        Another thing to consider is that your business name does not have to necessarily reflect the type of business that you do. Something to think about.


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