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From Chapter 5 – Operations

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  • From Chapter 5 – Operations

    Beginner Mistakes from our friend Jim of

    Excerpts from "Earn $300 a Day Mowing Lawns"

    From Chapter 5 – Operations

    Quote[/b] ]On mowing: “There are three things to know about mowing: Mowing height, mowing pattern, and blade sharpness.

    “Mowing height: Mowing height depends on weather conditions. In the cool, wet periods common to either end of
    the season, excess moisture can cause lawn diseases. Grass should therefore be cut short, in order to aid drying.

    “In hot dry periods, conversely, the problem is not too much moisture but too little. Mower blades should be raised,
    leaving the blades of grass tall to shade the roots and prevent them from drying out.

    “For recommended cutting heights and change dates, call local lawn fertilizing companies. Through the season in the
    Midwestern states, the usual range is from about two-and-a-half to three-and-a quarter inches. With tractors and
    other large-deck mowers, it’s a good idea to set cutting height 1/4 inch above the recommended level. Large-deck
    mowers tend to scalp (cut high spots too low). The added height reduces the problem.

    “Height adjustments found in owners manuals are not to be trusted. To set height, wheel the machine onto a flat
    surface such as a sheet of plywood or a trailer deck. Check height with a measuring tape, by measuring from the flat
    surface up to the leading (sharp) edge of the blade. That’s where the mower is actually cutting.” [In the book, this
    measurement is illustrated with a photo.]

    Remember this section is only a small part of chapter 3, to read more please visit and order Jim's book!
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    Jim, Sound advice! I highly recommend your book, "Earn $300 a Day Mowing Lawns" as well.

    Regards, Lawn-Scape


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