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Ruben is just getting started and needs help

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  • Ruben is just getting started and needs help

    Quote[/b] ]Hi my name is Ruben and I am just staring my first landscape business. The name of my company is Clean Cut Maintance, Let us do your durt'y job for you. I have been landscaping for about 9 Year.

    Now I won't to start my own business and was wondering how to go about it. I was think about door to door flyer. By the end of this month I and my son will have the entire flyers diver.

    I have all we wonted to own my own maintenance company. My wife slide I should just do and stop thinks about it. So that what we are go to do. I am going to give it every think a have and see what happen.

    I was looking on the web and seen you site and decided to e-mail you. I was wondering on what the best whey to go about staring a maintenance company mite is.

    Thanks: Ruben Carlos
    Hi Ruben,

    Thanks for writing and telling us a little about you. I totally agree with your wife. Just getting out there and doing, will put you in a different category than a lot of people who never try.

    Did you want to post your flyer and maybe we could offer you our reflection on it?

    Does anyone else want to jump in and offer Ruben any advise as well? Or ask any questions?
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    Make sure to really take your time with everything you do. Make sure to get multiple opinions.


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